Spring Season Maintenance Can Save You Money Down The Road

During the Spring season, the temperatures change constantly. This can cause a lot of moisture from condensation, which could adversely affect your machine. Unless you are constantly checking your oil, you probably won’t even know there’s a problem.

During this time of year, Kin-Tec Industries recommends that you regularly check the quality of your oil (engine and hydraulic) for any signs of “milky” color. This can help you avoid expensive repairs and costly downtime in the future.

If a machine has not been serviced in a long time, you should take this opportunity to do some maintenance. You should change the filter and fluid, as well as the suction screen in the bottom of the sump. If you plan on using the machine a lot during the hot months of the summer, you should also clean the oil cooler. This will help the system stay within the working temperature specs.

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More than likely, your machine has a small drip or leak due to the age of the machine. So, checking fluid levels on a regular schedule is highly important. This will help keep the hydraulic system running cooler during the summer.

Doing these few things can keep your machine running efficiently, and reduce the chance that the machine breaks down when you need it most. Avoid the cost and headaches of break-downs with a just a little preventive maintenance!

Thanks, Jerry