Kin-Tec Industries is a leading re-manufacturer of OEM John Deere radial hydraulic pumps.

We completely disassemble each unit and magna-flux it to ensure there are no cracks in the housing. Then, we thoroughly clean, reassemble, and test the part for performance.

Our tolerances on parts exceeds original specs. Rest assured that you will receive the absolute best product on the market for your money. Also, we take pride in repairing parts that our competitors would say are non-repairable. All of our parts that go into our pumps are manufactured here in the USA and NOT overseas where the tolerances and quality of steel is inferior. USA steel and US heat-treating is the only way to assure that the pump will last a long time. Aftermarket pumps are cheaper for a reason, don’t lured by the cheap price of cheaper made and cheaper quality new pump.

The Kin-Tec Industries machine shop

In-House Machine Shop

We have a complete in-house machine shop. This means that your hydraulic needs and repairs can be handled quickly, efficiently and more cost effectively!

New parts such as pistons, shafts, and bearing races are Parkerized for maximum longevity. Our in house machine shop over sizes the housing if needed.


Our work comes with a 6 month warranty on parts, which is even longer than the typical warranty you receive with a brand new part. This warranty even includes the RE33603 and RE33468.

WE NOW UNDERSIZE THE RE33603 AND RE33468 PUMP AND SLEEVE EACH BORE. This allows the pump to last longer than the original new pump. You will not notice any difference in the flow performance but the new design will keep the pump at a cooler working temperature which allows it to last much longer.

On our quality work, the piston to sleeve tolerance is less than .001! This assures an efficient and long lasting bore. It also removes the stress from the rest of the hydraulic system, translating to a longer lasting pump!