Hydraulic Pump Housing For John Deere (OEM)


This is an OEM housing that has been magnifluxed, inspected, and honed ready to assemble for the “do-it-yourselfer”.

We have cleaned the housings so that they can be fully inspected for cracks or flaws. Then the bores are checked to be within OEM specs and honed.

All housings will have inlet valves already pressed into housing and outlet valve seats replaced. All you have to do is assemble with your parts of choice and install. 


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  • Our pumps are guaranteed to replace the OEM part.
  • Our work comes with a 6 month warranty on parts.
  • Each pump is torn down, cleaned, and thoroughly inspected.
  • Our in-house shop machines and repairs the main housings.
  • All high-wear parts (shaft, bearings, pistons, and valves) are replaced with new parts.
  • The rebuilt pump is properly assembled.
  • The pump is bench tested for flow performance and the pressure is set.
  • Finally, the pump is painted and serial tag applied.

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Weight 48 lbs