NON serial tag pumps with a single inlet.

Port configuration:
1 1/16″-12 inlet on one side
7/8″-10 outlet on opposite side

Check Fit

John DeereTractor300 *
John DeereBackhoe300B *
John DeereBackhoe302A *
John DeereBackhoe310 *
John DeereBackhoe310A *
John DeereSkidder340D *
John DeereTractor400 *
John DeereBackhoe401C *
John DeereTractor401D *
John DeereSkidder440 *
John DeereSkidder440A *
John DeereSkidder440B *
John DeereWheel Loader444 *
John DeereBackhoe500A *
John DeereBackhoe500B *
John DeereBackhoe510 *
John DeereSkidder540 *
John DeereSkidder540A *
John DeereSkidder540B *
John DeereWheel Loader544 *
John DeereWheel Loader544A *
John DeereWheel Loader544B *
John DeereGrader570 *
John DeereGrader570A *
John DeereSkidder640 *
John DeereWheel Loader646 *
John DeereWheel Loader646B *
John DeereGrader670 *
John DeereScraper760 *
John DeereScraper760A *
John Deere2040 *
John DeereTractor2140
John DeereTractor2240 *
John DeereTractor2630 *
John DeereTractor2640 *
John DeereTractor3010 *
John DeereTractor3020 *
John Deere4000 *
John DeereTractor4010 *
John DeereTractor4020 *
John DeereTractor4050 *
John DeereTractor4230 *
John DeereTractor4320 *
John DeereTractor4430 *
John DeereTractor4440 *
John DeereTractor4520 *
John DeereTractor4620 *
John DeereTractor4630 *
John DeereTractor4640 *
John Deere5010 *
John DeereTractor5020 *
* Your model may use a different pump. If you aren't sure, please call to verify compatibility before ordering.

Core Exchange * 

You can pay "Return Shipping" for the core, and send it back to us within 30 days... OR, you can keep the core and pay the "Core Charge".

NOTE: if the core is not returned within 30 days, you will be charged the FULL Core Charge.

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  • Our pumps are guaranteed to replace the OEM part.
  • Our work comes with a 6 month warranty on parts.
  • Each pump is torn down, cleaned, and thoroughly inspected.
  • Our in-house shop machines and repairs the main housings.
  • All high-wear parts (shaft, bearings, pistons, and valves) are replaced with new parts.
  • The rebuilt pump is properly assembled.
  • The pump is bench tested for flow performance and the pressure is set.
  • Finally, the pump is painted and serial tag applied.